Varje Studio launched as a vintage shop in 2019 and transformed into a brand to provide multiple variations of a basic garment. Our garments can fit into each and every one of your aesthetics. 

Founded by two friends who share a mission to create clothing you can modify and wear in various ways.

Each drop is season-less and can be worn all year long, a combination of items which intertwine to be mixed together. 

We believe that a good foundation of a garment can lead to multiple variations of that same product creating a new style approach each time it is worn. 

We introduce versatile products unaffected by current trends.
All ethically handcrafted in local sewing shops near Warsaw, Poland. 

VARJE in Swedish translation means „each, every”.
We want our brand to speak to everyone regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion.

Comfortable clothing can be one of a kind,
as each variety of You